*The Organic Food and Wine Deli was conceived by Jeanette Taylor in 1999, and after researching sites and suppliers, the original café was launched in little Collins St. Jeanette’s prior background in restaurants had taken her from Sydney to Canada to working in London with Sir Terence Conran,  giving her a firm background in food and its culture around the world. This background gave her an appreciation for ‘real’ food, which time and time again was organic. Moving to Melbourne in 1997, she discovered the Melbournian love affair with food, and an abundance of ‘real’ organic produce. It just needed a café to combine wholesome organic ingredients into wonderful nutritious food.


*The Organic Food and Wine Deli offers the best in organic produce and ready made food in an environmental setting for all to enjoy.

The new store has ‘biopaint’ on it’s walls, the shelves are made from low emission plantation timber. Sugar cane fibre packaging which breaks down in 6 weeks is used for takeaway,  and we use certified organic bioplates, paper straws, recycled paper bags. Shopping bags are sourced  from non sweat-shop, non child-labour villages.

Our coffee is Fair Trade and part of the Rainforest Alliance. We use local growers and suppliers wherever possible to avoid unnecessary food miles. We support our local community by giving all food waste to the homeless. All of us at *The Organic Food and Wine Deli pledge to uphold our core values and belief in the organic industry, providing you the customer with the best quality food and service. We thank you for your support in an industry which is very important to us.

*what is organic / biodynamic?

Organic produce is farmed in a production method based on a philosophy of working in harmony with nature. There are no synthetic chemicals (fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, growth regulators) used in the farming or rearing of produce on the land. Certified organic processed goods contain no synthetic colours or flavour enhancers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, antioxidants, thickeners, or preservatives. Livestock must be free range and reared without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth  enhancers, or non organic feed.


Biodynamic farming is often known as ‘enhanced’ organics.  Biodynamic farming works on the principle of the lunar calendar, with all sowing, planting, and harvesting occurring at the most fruitful times.  The farm will ideally consist of land with enough animals to provide manure for fertilizing the plants. The aim is that the natural cycle of soil, plants, and animals should remain as enclosed as possible.


Organic produce has also been scientifically proven to contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals than conventional produce, mainly due to the health of the soil that it is grown in.

Organic produce is therefore the best for ourselves, our children, our soil, our environment, and our future. It tastes better, and is more nutritious. Need we say more?




At *The Organic Food and Wine Deli we offer a range of take home meals for people on the run and also offer a delicious range of wheat free and gluten free pies, salads, sandwiches, curries, soups, nori, vegan burgers, wraps and cakes. We keep it seasonal, and like to offer our customers a range of food and meal options that they love. The deli products we sell on the shelves are are ingredients that we cook with. 


Dieterary Requirements

We cater to the following dietary requirements, wheat free WF, sugar free SF, dairy free DF, gluten free GF, vegan VG and vegetarian VEG.

If a product is noted vegan, it is automatically dairy free.

Gluten Free

Please note: Although every effort is made to avoid cross contamination, we do sell products containing gluten therefore we cannot guarantee 100% non gluten content.


*The Organic Food and Wine Deli are proud to use Melbourne based Clark St Coffee Roasters as our preferred coffee roaster. Clark St Coffee Roasters has a commitment to ensuring social, environmental and economic sustainability is identified and maintained. This includes compostable packaging, transparent direct sourcing strategy and building strong relationships with growers at origin; sourcing unique, high quality coffees.



We offer a range of catering menus for various occasions.

For all catering enquiries please fill in the form with your details and we will respond to you directly based on your requirements.

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We make our hampers individually to order depending on your budget and needs. We can make glutenfree or vegan and sweet or savoury. Please request your specific dietary requirements upon ordering. We can also post the hamper to you if you wish! All of our hampers are presented in a *The Organic Food and Wine Deli branded hessian bag.

We also offer gift vouchers, please contact 

organicfoodandwinedeli@yahoo.com.au to place an order or fill out the form and we will be in touch with you. Alternatively you can call our Degraves store on 03 9654 5157 to discuss your requirements.

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*social @theorganicfoodandwinedeli



City Store

28 Degraves Street, Melbourne

+61 423 286 664

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