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The organic food and wine deli was conceived by Jeanette Taylor in 1999.

Jeanette set about researching sites and suppliers to launch its original version in little Collins St. Her background in restaurants taking her from Sydney to Canada to working in London with Sir Terence Conran gave her a firm background in food and its culture around the world. Most importantly it gave her an appreciation for ‘real’ food which time and time again was always organic. After moving to Melbourne in 1997, she discovered melbournians love affair with food, and abundance of ‘real’ organic produce. It just needed a café to combine wholesome organic ingredients into wonderful nutritious food.

Thus the journey began…

After many reincarnations TOFWD*the organic food & wine deli has grown into a successful business offering the best in organic produce into ready made food and café offerings in an environmental setting for all to enjoy.

The new store has ‘biopaint’ on it’s walls, the shelves are made from low emission plantation timber.

Sugar cane fibre packaging which breaks down in 6 weeks, is used for takeaway. Including certified organic Bioplates , paper straws, recycled paper bags.

Shopping bags made from non sweat shop, non child labour villages.

Coffee which is fair trade and is part of the rainforest alliance.

We use local growers and suppliers as wherever possible to avoid unnecessary food miles.

We support our local community by giving all food waste to the homeless. And our environment and animals by supporting the wilderness society.

All of us at TOFWD* aim to uphold our core values and integrity in the organic industry providing you the customer the best quality food and service we can.

We thank you for your support in an industry which is very important to us.

What is organic / biodynamic?

Organic produce is farmed in a production method based on a philosophy of working in harmony with nature. There are no synthetic chemicals ( fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, growth regulators) used in the farming or rearing of produce on the land. In relation to processed goods no synthetic colour or flavour enhancers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, antioxidants, thickeners, preservatives etc. will have been used. Livestock must be free range and reared without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth dips, non organic feed or growth enhancers.

Organic farmers are interested in crop rotation, and the use of animal manures. This gives us an interconnectedness of all living things and determines their dependence on each other.

Biodynamic farming is often known as ‘enhanced’ organics. Founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Biodynamic farming works on the principle of the lunar calendar and all sowing planting or harvesting takes place in accordance with the most fruitful days and times for them. The farm will ideally consist of meadows and pastures, vegetable plots, etc. with enough animals to provide manure for fertilizing. The aim is that the natural cycle of soil, plants, and animals should remain as self enclosed as possible.

Organic produce has also been scientifically proven to contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals than conventional produce, due to the healthy soil that it is grown in.

Organic produce therefore is the best we can give ourselves, our soil and our environment, and especially the future for our children, it tastes better, is more nutritious for you, need we say more??
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